Our Best Sharp Smartphones

Japanese Quality Sharp Smartphones
Japanese Quality Sharp Smartphones

AQUOS sense

HK$449 HK$2,400

AQUOS Sense2

HK$549 HK$2,700

AQUOS sense 3

HK$699 HK$2,571


HK$899 HK$7,130



HK$3,649 HK$7,543

Sharp Aquos R SHV39 淡金


HK$549 HK$6,670

AQUOS R Compact

HK$499 HK$5,780

Sharp MS1 64GB

Sharp MS1

HK$499 HK$2,599

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Collect eco stars?

Not only do you save up to 80% off our Samsung, but you also save 6 ounces of e-waste!

Why Sharp is our Best Value Smartphone?

There’s no real reason to spend the cost of a new shiny computer or even a used car on a smartphone! A High CP Smartphone means from a Cost Performance or Price Performance perspective will more than meet the needs of most users. The majority of those will be replaced by users with a new gadget within just a few years anyway.

The contrasts between a premium smartphone and a budget phone keep shrinking. For example, our Sharp Aquos R2 has a 6-inch screen, plus a screen resolution (3040 x 1440) that is doubled of the typical iPhone. It also has one of the world’s first 120Hz screen refresh rate that even the Apple iPhone 12 doesn’t have. 

All our Sharp phones are in perfect working order; they’re as good as new without the hefty price tag!

They are all back by our 1-year guarantee, so we’ve got your back no matter what.

If you want the best, choose Aquos Aquos R2 or the more affordable Aquos R. They are excellent mobile gaming device. Both have 64GB storage, 4GB of RAM and a 120Hz screen refresh rate. A lot of our customers use it to watch their favourite YouTube videos, comfortably. Some of them even use it to play their action mobile games smoothly!

The 4.9 inch Aquos R Compact has a screen larger and higher resolution (2032 x 1080) than iPhone SE 2020 (4.7 inches and 1334 x 750 only), yet the Sharp Aquos R Compact is 10% lighter, and a lot cheaper! It also has a screen refresh rate suitable for gaming.

Lastly, we have Sharp Aquos Sense, a 5 inch HD smartphone with a touch ID as well Perfect for quick unlocking of your mobile device, even when wearing a mask! What else, you can have it cheaper than having a buffet meal in Hong Kong! Pretty crazy, right? That’s how we give back at Ola Tech.




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