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Apple-brand-logo image


Apple-iphone 12-Black

iPhone 12

From: HK$5,299 HK$7,299

iPhone 12 mini - Green

iPhone 12 Mini

From: HK$4,499 HK$7,299

iPhone11-Pro-Midnight-Green image

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB

From: HK$4,649 HK$8,599

apple iPhone11-green image

iPhone 11 256GB

From: HK$3,399 HK$6,499

Apple iphone-se red image

iPhone SE (2020)

From: HK$2,099 HK$3,399

Apple iphone-XS-silver image

iPhone XS Max

From: HK$3,599 HK$9,499

Apple Ola-coins image

Collect coins?

Up to 80% off our iPhones! Why not save money!

Apple iphone-xr image

iPhone XR

From: HK$2,549 HK$4,299

Apple iphone-X-silver image

iPhone X 256GB

From: HK$3,049 HK$9,888

iPhone 8 Plus

From: HK$2,299 HK$6,888

iPhone 8

From: HK$1,399 HK$5,988

iPhone 7

From: HK$999 HK$5,588

iPhone 6s

From: HK$949 HK$3,488

Greenest iPhones

Buying our iPhones remove 16kg of CO2 and 6oz of e-waste from the planet


Galaxy Note 10+

From: HK$3,599.00 HK$7,998

Galaxy S10+

From: HK$2,599.00 HK$6,998

Galaxy Note 9

From: HK$2,049.00 HK$7,698

Galaxy S9+

From: HK$1,599.00 HK$6,998

Collect eco stars?

Not only do you save up to 80% off our Samsung, but you also save 6 ounces of e-waste!

Galaxy Note 8

From: HK$1,349.00 HK$6,998

Galaxy S8+

From: HK$1,249.00 HK$6,998

Galaxy S8

From: HK$999.00 HK$5,698

Galaxy A30

From: HK$949 HK$1,799


AQUOS sense

From: HK$359 HK$2,400


From: HK$799 HK$7,130

Apple Ola-coins image

Unbeatable Price

Best deals in town. Save up to 90% off our Japanese Sharp phones!

AQUOS R Compact

From: HK$349 HK$5,780



From: HK$3,349 HK$7,543


AQUOS sense 3 Plus

From: HK$899 HK$2,527

Sharp AQUOS sense 3 SHV45 64GB - Pink

AQUOS sense 3

From: HK$699 HK$2,571

AQUOS Sense2

From: HK$499 HK$2,700

Sharp shv39_gold image


From: HK$549 HK$6,670

sony-brand-logo image


Sony xperia-5 image

Xperia 5

From: HK$2,599 HK$4,999

Sony xperia-1 image

Xperia 1

From: HK$2,149 HK$5,999

Sony Xperia-8-Blue image

Xperia 8

From: HK$949 HK$4,185

Sony xperia-xz3 purple image

Xperia XZ3

From: HK$999 HK$8,080

Apple Ola-coins image

Unbeatable Price

Best deals in town. Save up to 90% off our Japanese Sony phones!

Sony xperia-xz2p silver

Xperia XZ2 Premium

From: HK$899 HK$8,080

Sony xperia-xz2 black image

Xperia XZ2

From: HK$949 HK$6,770

Sony xperia-xz1 silver image

Xperia XZ1

From: HK$799 HK$6,459

Kyocera-brand-logo image


Qua phone image

Qua Phone QZ

From: HK$499 HK$2,300

Huawei-brand-logo image


Hwawei p30-lite-premium blue image

P30 Lite Premium

From: HK$1,249 HK$2,300

Ola-unlock-product image

Guess what?

Stay tuned, we have more smartphones to unlock...

Best Value Smartphone 2021 in Hong Kong

There’s no real reason to spend the cost of a new shiny computer or even a used car on a smartphone! A High CP Smartphone means from a Cost Performance or Price Performance perspective will more than meet the needs of most users. The majority of those will be replaced by users with a new gadget within just a few years anyway.

The contrasts between a premium smartphone and a budget phone keep shrinking. For example, our Sharp Aquos R2 has a 6-inch screen, plus a screen resolution that is doubled of the typical iPhone. It also has one of the world’s first 120Hz screen refresh rate that even the Apple iPhone 12 doesn’t have. 

Of course, we provide Apple premium smartphones from 5G Apple iPhone 12 to iPhone 6s for more than 70% off Apple’s price!

They are all back by our 1-year guarantee, so we’ve got your back no matter what.

If you are on a budget, we have Sharp Aquos Sense, a 5 inch HD smartphone. You can have it cheaper than a buffet meal in Hong Kong! Pretty crazy, right? That’s how we give back at Ola Tech.

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