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Our Best Samsung Smartphones

Our Very Best Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Galaxy Note 10+

From: HK$4,499.00 HK$7,998

Galaxy S10+

From: HK$2,699.00 HK$6,998

Galaxy Note 9

From: HK$2,699.00 HK$7,698

Galaxy S9+

From: HK$2,459.00 HK$6,998

Collect eco stars?

Not only do you save up to 80% off our Samsung, but you also save 6 ounces of e-waste!

Galaxy Note 8

From: HK$1,939.00 HK$6,998

Galaxy S8+

From: HK$1,799.00 HK$6,998

Galaxy S8

From: HK$1,299.00 HK$5,698

Galaxy A30

From: HK$999.00 HK$1,799

You’re getting the best price when you buy Samsung device from us

All our Samsung Galaxy products are in perfect working order; they’re as good as new without the hefty price tag!

They are all back by our 1-year guarantee, so we’ve got your back no matter what. If you want the best, we have Samsung Galaxy Note+ 256GB model or still excellent Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, and other models. Great news—you can pick one up for less than $1,300—pretty crazy, right? That’s how we give back at Ola Tech.



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