who are we?

Ola! Our mission is simple. We provide reliable, sustainable, and long-lasting green electronics with up to 1-year warranty.


Eric Pong - COO

Serial Entrepreneur.
Previously cofounded travel AI startup

It all started with a fight🥊

Our founders, Peter and Eric, met on Carousell.

Eric wanted a second phone, met with Peter at the MTR station to buy his old iPhone 8. 

However, Eric found out the iPhone Touch ID wasn't working the next day, making it almost worthless. 

They agreed to meet again. Eric demanded a refund. They started arguing and fighting, leading to them getting arrested and spending a night in jail. That was when they learned about their joint passion for tech!

They agree to form a partnership to create an eco-friendly marketplace after a night of endless discussions… and the rest is history!


Our Story

On a serious note, Ola Tech's idea comes from when Eric bought an iPhone from an unknown seller on Carousell. 

He later realised the iPhone Touch ID didn't work. By that time, the seller had blocked Eric on all communication platforms. 

This made Eric realise most sellers in the second-hand electronics market are all about profit, rather than doing something sustainable and selling trustworthy tech to others.

Eric and Peter met at Cyberport, where both of their previous startups started. Over time, they became close friends. They both saw the needs of a marketplace to give electronics a second life, and a marketplace to give trustworthy, affordable tech to the mass in Asia.

They are aware of the enormous environmental damage, both when manufacturing new electronic device and disposing of these same devices later. Their camaraderie and passion led them to launch Ola Tech in November 2019.

Environmental Impact

Per 10,000 phones


Reduced Carbon Emissions


Lower E-Waste

labour hours

Exploitation of Workers Eradicated

Our Goals

Make refurbished devices the new normal!

Where there is an obsession for profits, we bring an obsession for the planet​

Where there is an obsession for new, we bring like new

let's buy newish tech

Join us in our mission to give electronics second lives...

Person holding hands

In the era of unboxing, we want to bring a culture of unblocking — our planet, our oceans, and our atmosphere

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