What will the World be Like after COVID-19? Here are 3 of our Predictions

How has your life changed during COVID-19? We are all going through a tough time and undoubtedly, our lives have changed greatly due to COVID-19. However, no opportunity that's worthwhile ever comes easy! Some new trends are rising and are expected to be the new normal after the epidemic. Can we adapt to these new trends well? 

1. Working from Home

With the help of well-developed information technology, working remotely to keep social distancing is feasible to many businesses nowadays. Many companies have established a work-from-home system for their employees with digital resources such as communication software and online document sharing platforms. Taking Morgan Stanley as an example, about 90% of their workforces have been working in places other than offices during the pandemic.

“It is thought that working remotely or working from home will be a trend in the coming years. This can be reflected by research that has been done over the past few months into remote working. Zoom, an online communication tool that provides service of video conferencing  reached over three hundred million participants  in their daily meetings, which is 30 times more than the number in December, before the coronavirus outbreak. A journal published in the UC San Diego News Center projected a future trend of working virtually. Corporations are investing in both physical capital such as laptops, computers, and are adjusting the competences inside the organization to adapt to the change.”

2. Online Learning Across Border

With the suspension of school in order to establish social distancing, lessons and learning experiences are turning virtual. Teachers can have real-time interaction with students. At the same time, not only targetting students, online courses targeting office workers also spring up. When everyone is forced to pause their normal life and stay at home to fight against the virus, they may learn cooking, embroidery or even dancing through these online lessons, in which they may not have time for these activities before.

Although there are still many limitations, some education organisations start looking into the possibility of online schooling, which might be a more affordable and time-saving alternative to many people.


3. Long-Distance Activities

Although we are separated, our hearts stay together. Although we cannot meet physically, we can meet virtually! A lot of online meetings ideas like ice-breaking games come up on the internet, and it encourages creativity. Netflix, for example, has introduced the “Netflix Party” function earlier this year, which allows users to watch the same video remotely and synchronously. At the same time, with just an instant messaging application, you can overcome the geographical barriers easily and long-distance activities among people in a different location may become more and more popular in the future.

We can see, technology will take up a larger part of human’s life in the future as basically everything can be done online with the advanced technology and devices. While enjoying the benefits bought by technology, have you ever thought of contributing back through a simple action?  Ola.Tech is an eco friendly electronics marketplace that sells refurbished phones which looks like new at a low price.  We also donate a portion of our sales to charity.  Join us and let electronic devices to get their second life.

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