4 Ways We Joint the Fight Against COVID-19 – and Your Company can too!

COVID-19 brought about a lot of changes that none of us were anticipating. At the time of a pandemic, it is essential to follow the guidelines proposed by medical professionals. It is the responsibility of corporates to ensure that we are not jeopardizing the efforts of workers all around the world for monetary benefits.

We at Ola Tech take the pandemic very seriously. We are adhering to all safety precautions and regulations announced by the Hong Kong Government. We also made several changes to our workplace. We understand that many companies around the world wish to contribute to the efforts to eradicate or substantially reduce the spread of this virus. So, we would like to share some things we did to play our part!

All Devices Delivered at Doorstep

We launched our electronics marketplace, from where you can buy the latest smartphones at the convenience of your house! The health and safety of our customers are of the utmost importance to us. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our sellers are complying with the recommendations of medical professionals. We offer doorstep, virus-free, hassle-free, no-touch delivery for all our products to minimize the chances of infection.

Donates Masks to Less Fortunate

On 2nd March, we collaborated with HK01 to donate masks, rice, and crackers at elderly homes. We also liaised with numerous charities (Love and Care for the Sick Foundation, Cedar Fund, Fu Hong Society, and Hong Kong Women Worker’s Association). All items were put in ‘anti-epidemic gift packets’, which had ten masks and 1kg of rice each. These were then distributed to the elderly. Overall, 10,000 masks were distributed. Volunteer teams from HK01 and Ola Tech personally visited the elderly homes to distribute the packages, ensuring that the elderly won’t have to leave their houses. Please read HK01's coverage of our mask donation for more information.

ola tech founders and employees packing masks to be distributed to elderly homes during COVID-19

Flexibility for Workers

All employees were asked to work from home for the entire duration when it was recommended by the government. Post the opening of the government offices, we continued to offer significant flexibility to our employees. They could choose whether they wanted to work from home based on their preference and consideration for their families. To ensure that we were nonetheless providing high-quality services to all our consumers, we keep close communication with those working from home.

employees collaborating digitally during COVI-19 to avoid infection

Measures taken at the Office

We made wearing masks at work compulsory for all employees. All employees were provided with masks. We ensured that there was a 1-meter distance between all employees. All employees were also provided with 2 boxes of face masks each. Antibacterial hand wipes, sanitizers, and alcohol spray are available at the office for all employees. Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have been sterilizing the office regularly. Body temperature screening is also required when employees enter the building.

We remain at your disposal to answer any questions that you may have about our services during this time. Ola Tech is determined to play its part in making life easier for as many people are possible during COVID-19. We are extremely grateful to all our consumers for sticking with us during these tough times. As a thank you, we will be offering historic discounts on all our products! So visit our electronics marketplace today and buy your own smartphone!

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