Refurbished Phones: 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Them!

What is a refurbished phone? A refurbished phone is a mobile phone that is being resold after undergoing a comprehensive diagnostic test to ensure that it is in near-mint condition. In today's blog, I will give you 7 reasons why refurbished phones are the new normal.

refurbished phone that looks and feels the same as a new phone

You Save Money while Getting the Same Perks

Ever wondered how you can buy the latest smartphones without having to spend all your life savings? Refurbished phones are the way to go! The best part about refurbished phones is that they give you the same experience as a brand new phone but at up to 90% lower price. Looks, feel, and characteristics are exactly the same; you'd never know the difference! In fact, the back cover and battery of all refurbished phones are brand new. Most refurbished phones also last just as long as a new phone. This means that not only do you save money but you also utilize the product for just as long… what's not to love?

You can Upgrade Sooner

Buying a cheap phone means you can change it sooner. While most of your friends probably upgrade their smartphones once in 2-3 years, you can upgrade literally every year! Refurbished smartphones are available within a month of the release of a new model. So, not only will you be able to upgrade almost as soon as the new model is released, but you will also get the phones for cheaper!

It Becomes Easier to Try Out Different Models

In Hong Kong, once an iPhone is bought from Apple Store, no exchange or return requests are entertained. This means that apart from the 10-mins you spend testing the phone at an Apple Store, you never truly get an idea about what you are getting yourself into. However, if you buy refurbished phones, you can always return/ exchange them within a few weeks. You can also resell them and buy another refurbished phone without losing any money. Cheaper phones will allow you to try out more models and judge what suits your boat.

It is Environmentally-Friendly

The average amount of greenhouse gas emissions during the lifecycle of an iPhone is over 75kg. Manufacturing the phone itself accounts for around 78% of it, with over 58kg of carbon emissions. By using refurbished phones, you are stretching out their lives and spreading the carbon footprint over a longer period.

You will Significantly Reduce E-Waste

Annually, 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is produced, of which only 20% is formally recycled. A significant amount of the remaining 80% is burned by incinerators, which releases harmful hydrocarbons in the air. Other forms of improper e-waste disposal can lead to toxins entering groundwater and harming the underwater ecosystem. Using refurbished phones reduces e-waste as electronics are being given second lives instead of being disposed of.

You will Undermine the Exploitation of Workers

We all know about Apple's Forbidden City: Foxconn City. Workers manufacture iPhones in very inhumane conditions. Atrocities such as working overtime without pay, negligible bonuses, and public condemnation are extremely common. When you buy refurbished phones, you are taking part in a movement that opposes the exploitation of workers. Our path to redemption is by facilitating a circular economy and reduce demand for phones manufactured in such dubious conditions.

You Can Get the Same Warranty

Most refurbishers provide the same warranty for the devices as a new phone. For example, we at Ola provide one year or more Apple Care equivalent warranty for all phones. Our customer support team has 35+ years of experience in the tech industry, so your phone is in the right hands! We guarantee complete repair or replacement at no cost!

Ola Tech is a startup aiming to establish itself as an eco-friendly electronics marketplace. We specialise in the diagnosis, trade-in, and recycle services of electronics. We are currently building exciting AI-driven mobile solutions for businesses and consumers to setup, support, and trade-in the rapidly growing number of iPhones, Android phones, and other electronics.

3 thoughts on “Refurbished Phones: 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Them!”

  1. All the points given here are correct. But the most important one, which everyone likes, is the cheap price. Refurbished phones can be bought by everyone especially for those who have less budget plan but want to buy a new phone. Finding the best retailer could be a difficult task for refurbished phone buyers. Let’s have options here on this website: https://www.qwikfone.com/uk/refurbished/

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