5 Reasons Why Companies Should Donate Old Phones, Computers, and Other Electronics

As the corporate world is increasingly being accused of wrecking the environment for profits, this is your chance to adopt sustainable practices and stand out from competitors by converting your decommissioned electronic devices into meaningful donations. This is the last decade we have to prevent destructing our planet to a point where there’s no going back.


1. Save costs

Contrary to popular belief, adopting environmentally free practices will not necessarily increase costs for your company. In fact, donating used electronics is the ideal way to dispose of computers, phones, and other old devices that are no longer in use. Rather than spending money on rent for storing the devices, donating them will lower fixed costs, leading to higher profit, and will give you the opportunity to use that space for other, more profitable purposes.


2. Build public image

Most consumers prefer to engage with businesses that share their values. Studies have shown that almost 75% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable offerings, which indicates that a large portion of the market is striving towards being more environmentally conscious. By opting to donate and recycle your old electronic devices, your company can exhibit its commitment to being more environmentally friendly and gain a more loyal consumer segment.  


3. Differentiate your firm and set an example for competitors  

Taking the lead in being more sustainable as a company allows you to set precedent and forces your competitors to follow the same practices. The advantages of this are twofold:  

  • Your initiative leads to others in the market striving for sustainability too, in order to stay competitive, which has immeasurable potential to substantially reduce negative externalities due to carbon emission, e-waste, and other disposal processes that are harmful to the environment
  • You will forever have the image of being the leader in this domain, facilitating a more positive public image, which has the aforementioned advantages and is likely to lead to greater sales


4. Attract more conscientious employees

To attract the best employees, just like customers, you need to stand out from the crowd and illustrate company values that are unique and distinguish you from others in the business. Research at UCLA has shown that environmentally friendly companies see a 16% increase in employee productivity. Including examples of sustainable business practices on the ‘About us’ section of your website will help you attract those who themselves are ‘green' minded, as they would want to work for a company that follows similar values. Such workers are expected to be more conscientious and are likely to have a better work ethic and greater productivity.  

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5. Ensure secure removal of 100% of the data

Donating your old electronic devices to companies like Ola Tech puts you at zero risks of data leakage. Ola Tech erasure practices for your decommissioned devices, in partnership with Certus Software, have been approved by major governing bodies such as the National Cyber Security Centre and Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance. Unlike physical destruction, our erasure service provides you with full, tamper-proof audits and reports that have been tested, verified, and approved to ensure you stay in compliance with the strict regulatory and privacy standards. We also offer a secure and completely transparent chain of custody.  

We at Ola Tech are providing you with a comprehensive service: we adopt certified methods for data erasure to maintain your privacy and subsequently help you dispose of your devices in a sustainable manner. This includes recycling or reselling. This is your chance to rebrand your company, attain a more loyal customer base, and attract productive employees.  

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