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Donate or Recycle Phone

Donate old electronics for second life

Raise money for charities your company care about while recycling your old tech

Make a Donation to Charities

You can raise money for any of the charities we support. Recycling your mobile phones with Ola Tech is quick and easy. We’ll give you a quick valuation of the devices you donate and help you raise money straight to your chosen charity. 

So go ahead, clearing out your unwanted devices, and at the same time make a real difference to a great cause.

Secure Data Erasure

We ensure all your devices are wiped clean, to government standards, before donation.

Device Donation

We fulfill your corporate social responsibility, raising money to your chosen charities.

Sustainability Consulting

We can help you set up a plan for sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.

The Donation Process

We offer you a simple, secure and sustainable process to dispose and donate your company’s decommissioned devices for worthy causes.


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