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Ola Tech Donates 10,000 Masks to Elderly to Support them in these Challenging Times

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented disruption in our lives. However, arguably the highest-risk people, are living in much more dire circumstances than us.

Ola Tech's founders donating masks to the elderly housing in Hong Kong

COVID-19 has proven to be most deadly for those over the age of 60. Amidst the spread of this highly contagious virus, the elderly must take good care of their health and hygiene. However, due to a myriad of reasons beyond their control (finances, immobility, or health), many of them are unable to access quality health products. Some must reuse disposable masks over ten times due to mask shortage. Many also use a piece of gauze instead because they cannot find or afford to buy masks. On the whole, many elderly are unable to protect themselves from the virus.

Approximately 670,000 elderly are living in public housing or elderly homes in Hong Kong. On 2nd March, Ola Tech collaborated with HK01 to donate masks, rice, and crackers at elderly homes. They also liaised with numerous charities (Love and Care for the Sick Foundation, Cedar Fund, Fu Hong Society, and Hong Kong Women Worker's Association). All items were put in ‘anti-epidemic gift packets', which had ten masks and 1kg of rice each. These were then distributed to the elderly. Overall, 10,000 masks were distributed. Volunteer teams from HK01 and Ola Tech personally visited the elderly homes to distribute the packages, ensuring that the elderly won't have to leave their houses.

Packing the masks that will be donated

Peter Lam, CEO of Ola Tech, emphasized on the startup's significant focus on social goals. Ola Tech wishes to promote sustainability and eco-friendly practices by giving electronics a second life. His company pledges to give back to the community by organizing various charity events and donating over 70% of profits to worthy causes. He also expressed his gratitude to HK01 for their support in this initiative.

Please visit HK01's coverage of the mask donation for more information.

Ola Tech is a startup aiming to establish itself as an eco-friendly electronics marketplace. They specialize in the diagnosis, trade-in, and recycle services of electronics. They are currently building exciting AI-driven mobile solutions for businesses and consumers to setup, support, and trade-in the rapidly growing number of iPhones, Android phones, and other electronics. To support Ola Tech in its mission of giving tech second lives, visit https://ola.tech.

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